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  1. Apology
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Music and lyrics: Tal Ronen
String arrangement: Eliav Kol
Vocals and guitar: Dida Pelled
Violin: Chen Shenhar, Yael Barolsky
Viola: Noam Haimovitz Weinschel
Cello: Noa Ayali

Arranged and Produced by Yuval Vilner/Dida Pelled
Recorded by Helik Hadar and Omer Zussman at Pluto Studio’s Tel Aviv on July 21st-22nd , 2013, by Dan Shatsky at Vibromonk Studio’s, Brooklyn, New York on November 5th, 2013, and by Yuval Vilner at his home studio, Tel Aviv.
Mixing: Yonatan (Johnny) Goldstein
Mastering: Itzik Filiba


Sorry little guy / You don’t deserve to die
Today was not your day / To come outside and play

And if there is a God / And He forgives our sins
I hope to be absolved / I won’t do it again

Feel your eyes closing / No sorrow in your mind
No more pain or suffering / No need to run and hide
If it’s any consolation / You know I’m just like you
For all my thoughts of freedom / My feet are trapped in glue

There will be a day / With sunshine in the sky
When men and mice will play / Til then sorry little guy